The HwStorResetBus routine is called by the port driver to clear error conditions. The StorPortLogError routine notifies the port driver that an error occurred. Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. The StorPortAllocatePool routine allocates a block of non-contiguous, non-paged pool memory. A miniport driver’s HwStorUnitControl routine is called to perform synchronous operations to control the state of storage unit device.

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storport.h header

Otherwise, the miniport driver should use any nonzero value assigned by the port driver if possible. Removes all items from a Storport managed singly linked list.

StorPortNotification The miniport driver uses the StorPortNotification routine to notify the Storport driver of certain events and conditions.

The StorPortInitilize routine initializes the port driver parameters and extension data. This rule verifies that KeSetEvent is not called twice on the same event object.

The StorPortDebugPrint routine prints a debug string to the kernel debugger, if the debugger is attached. If its HBA has more limited transfer support, a miniport driver must reset this member according to the HBA’s transfer capacity.

VirtualStorport rule set (Storport) – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

The StorPortLogTelemetry routine logs a miniport telemetry event to help diagnose or collect any useful information. This function can be called by a miniport to update the maximum IO’s supported by an adapter. The StorPortLogSystemEvent routine gives miniport drivers full access to the capabilities of the Windows kernel event facility, enabling miniport drivers to create event log entries that are truly useful in troubleshooting storage issues.

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It allocates a range of physically contiguous noncached, nonpaged memory, and returns the sotrport address of the allocated microsoct.

Micrksoft We’d love to hear your thoughts. StorPortDeviceBusy The StorPortDeviceBusy routine notifies the port driver that the specified logical unit is currently busy, handling outstanding requests. This rule verifies that the driver does not attempt to free the same block of pool memory twice.

The StorPortReadRegisterUlong64 routine reads a bit value from a specified bit register address. The rule applies only to virtual StorPort miniports. Set this member to zero if the miniport driver does not maintain per-LU information for which it requires storage. These read or write requests must always complete successfully. Typically, this value is mcrosoft by the value set for MaximumNumberOfTargets.

The Strport routine fills a block of memory with zeros, given a pointer to the block and the length, in bytes, to be filled. This allows the miniport driver to maintain knowledge about the state of the adapter between Plug and Play PnP stops and restarts, possibly enabling the miniport driver to optimize it’s initialization procedure.

The miniport driver support bit addressing in a single 4GB region. The miniport driver must reset this member according to the storage adapter’s capability.

By default, the value of this member is zero. Set this member to zero if the miniport driver does not maintain per-SRB information for which it requires storage.


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Specifies the maximum number of bytes the HBA can transfer in a single transfer operation. Send comments about this topic to Microsoft. A miniport driver’s HwStorUnitControl routine stor;ort called to perform synchronous operations to control the state of storage unit device.

The Storport driver initializes this member to TRUEbecause its strport drivers must support tagged-queuing. The StorPortSetUnitAttributes routine registers the power attributes of a storage unit device with the Storport driver. Rather, Storport resets the device extension to zero only when it is first allocated, so only the first call to HwStorFindAdapter for a given adapter receives a zeroed-out device extension.

The StorPortReady routine notifies the port driver that the adapter is no longer busy. Storport’s Interface with Storport Miniport Drivers.

Subsequent calls to HwStorFindAdapter and other miniport functions receive the device extension as last modified by the miniport driver. The size of per-logical-unit storage is specified via the SpecificLuExtensionSize field, described later in this topic.

A miniport driver notifies the Storport driver that the request has completed by calling the StorPortNotification function with the RequestComplete notification type. Our new feedback system microsot built on GitHub Issues.