Magdalena countered that Peire’s late wife had left her a ten pound legacy which Peire had refused to pay; she seized the goods as com- pensation for the unpaid legacy. Emotions may have had positive effects; they might have been necessary – but only if they happen- ed under control. In the form of gifts, they have always served this role in human societies. The value of the annihilated goods was estimated by the chroniclers to have been between and 2, florins. Harvard University Press, , esp. Dousa Pathorlla, in all likeli- hood, was attempting to seize back her dotal goods.

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V, 57a, IV Ashgate, The idea must have emerged as the culmination of his Lenten preaching cycle, starting in Florence on Saturday, Enafce 1,when he preached against sinful women, toys, games, blasphemy, judging iOthers, women blind to sin, and three times against sodomy this last sin was taken by him to be the most emblematic and dangerous of sins perverting the contemporary family and civic ethos.

In fact, such plundering did not take place in Aachen. With the growing intrusion of the criminal court into everyday life and everyday disputes, acts of private distraint were becoming more and more chancy, as victims learned how to denounce raiders to zzw6 criminal court and guide successful prosecutions of their adversaries.

Est autem amor quidam animae rationalis ajfectus per quem ipsa aliquid sw6 desiderio quaerit et appetit ad fruendum; per quern et fruitur eo cum quadam interiori suauitate, amplectitur et consereat adeptum. What is more, the public distraint of goods through the use of the apparatus of the courts was fully invested with all the emotions characteristic of enfacs raiding.

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Sources about the events ofand refer simply to throwing people out of or through windows. Rupert von Deutz, De divinis officiis wnface, 26 hg. You have your houses full of vain things, statues and disrespectable things, shameful books, such as Morgante and other writings against true faith, so just bring them with you and let us light a fire and bum these things to the honour of God!

A better understanding of the language of honor and respect in the sources and the dramatic act of defenestration can be gained by considering defenestration not as an isolated act, but within the broader context of how politics was conducted in the period.

Retz EPL, It is difficult to propose one simple interpretation of all these different cases of ‘semi-ritual’ plundering; most of them are polydi- mensional as ‘collections’ af diverse cultural denotations. Les expressions facials du plaisir legitime sont done absentes des representations medievales. Iohannis 5, 11 hg. I thank Anne Okon for this reference.

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However, the election of Ferdinand II ina staunch Catholic, threatened a tum-around. The two cases couldn’t be more different. This would be, of course, a much more demanding exercise than the one we have attempted here in connection with the bonfires of the vanities. And so it is never redeemed, and the rarment is lost. Among the principal themes of his sermons the criticism of two principal enemies stands out: Vor derartigen Er- regungen htite sich der Reisende, aber auch von ,erregten Volksbewegun- gen”, aber solche emotions meinte man wohl damals hinter sich zu haben.


This means that he had to give up also the material embodiments of these connections, such as his property and his house. Aus der Bibel konnte man dann heimlich zitieren, ira in sinu stulti requiescit Eccl.

Royal Irish Enfac 2. These are central issues, but a number wnface other important and interesting questions remain unexplored. It does suggest, however, fnface the gender dynamics of private distraint were not wholly analogous.

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Ein franzosisch-deut- sches Zs6 aus dem Cases of private distraint were more likely. Todi, ottobre Spoleto: How does one distinguish between genuine theft and these more subtle acts of private distrain.

In the course of the confrontation some were tossed enfaec windows and other were killed. Ponte alle Grazie, ; idem, “Rituals of violence sur- rounding the king’s body,” in Der Tod des Miichtigen. L’emergence d’un discours specifique sur la femme dans! Consider the case of a laborer named Guilhem Bonafos, the object of a criminal inquest by the episcopal court in